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Who We Are

Cleveland’s first and original hockey development and training organization. We are the preferred skill provider for the Cleveland Hockey community. Ohio Hockey Project’s primary objective is to positively influence and strengthen the Cleveland hockey community.


We deliver a TOTAL PACKAGE developmental experience, both on and off the ice. Led by committed, passionate, innovative professionals. We’re committed to helping each and every athlete reach their goals.


Skill Development for All Ages

Our detailed, comprehensive programming provides developmental growth for every age and ability player. From younger, lesser experienced athletes looking to improve their skills, to higher-skilled, more experienced players looking to further develop and take their game to the next level; we have the program for you!

Why OHP?

Our professional coaching staff has been privileged to coach hundreds of athletes over the years that have had tremendous success in the game of hockey. At the Ohio Hockey Project, we’re grateful to be the skill development resource for athletes that have played in the National Hockey League (NHL), American Hockey League (AHL), NCAA, and many more Junior leagues listed below.

The support the Project provides is never-ending! We’re committed to the long-term growth, development, and achievements of our athletes!

OHP Success

The OHP Experience is the TOTAL PACKAGE! Skill Development, meets work ethic in an extremely positive, fun environment!

Skill Development

Our process is as innovative, detailed, and progressive as it gets! The RESULTS will speak for them self.


The true OHP advantage lies within our staff - We're committed to the long-term development, and growth of our athletes.

Philosophy & Concepts

Through a positive, fun environment we work to ensure our athletes receive a confident-instilling experience!


We're a never ending resource for education. From Nutrition, Training, Career Path Options, and everything in between.


The results are undeniable. Our skill development and the separation we help provide our athletes over their competition speaks for itself.

Positive Community Impact

Our mission to is positively impact the Cleveland Hockey Community. We're relentless in our intent and involvement!

Our Coaches

Our staff of former and current professional & collegiate hockey players, position specialists, and strength/conditioning experts make our athlete's goals & needs their top priority!

Our Partners

Thank you for your continued support!