How To Keep Hockey FUN!!!

January 17, 2017 1:51 am Published by

Above all, we can never forget the greatest game on earth (Hockey, of course), is just that, a game! Like all games, we participate because of our passions and the enjoyment the experience brings us. a.k.a., FUN! If your athlete is struggling with this try to:

Filter the Negative – Criticism is important to learn from. However, in doses. Use the criticism to zero in on deficiencies and work to make corrections. This will help create confidence too!

Celebrate the Positive – A great play, improved skills, attitude, and effort. Anything. Take the positive and make it a memorable experience. This will lead to more fun experiences!

Leave the Game at the Rink – Over saturation of anything can always become a slippery slope. Don’t treat your athlete like a professional; work to create seperation from the game with friends, family time, and extracurriculars. Don’t forget kids need to be kids too!

Work to think big picture, and enjoy the moment! Embrace the ride and the amazing memories that will come along with it!

Make 2017 YOUR Year!

January 1, 2017 4:02 pm Published by

Who doesn’t love the fresh start feeling that the New Year brings! Encourage your athlete to set goals this year. Through our curriculum we advise our young athletes to set 3 types of goals:

  1. Development Goal
  • This should be something very easily attainable in practice or training times. Improved focus in practice. Improved diet. Isolating a deficient skill and working towards improving it.
  1. Game Goal
  • This should be ever changing. Start small; working hard for an entire game, being a good teammate, x-number of shots on net, winning 1 on 1 battles. From there, once the confidence and in-game production grows these goals can become more detailed and lofty!
  1. Academic Goal
  • Without the grades, hockey achievements are nothing. No different than our hockey skills, encourage your student-athlete to sharpen their academic toolbox and strive to be better every day!

Make 2017 your year; one shift at a time!