The Post-Season

February 15, 2017 6:07 pm Published by

Now we’re playing for keeps! First and foremost congrats to all our athletes and families that have earned the privilege to play for a championship. Playing for a championship opportunity is a great reward after a long off-season and in-season of hard work, commitment, and performance. For those who fell just a bit short this season; bottle up that feeling of disappointment and let that positively fuel your efforts and goals for next year! Setbacks only build bigger comebacks!

As we make our way through the next few weeks of “win or go home” hockey try not to lose sight of a few key principals:

  • What got you in here?
    • Selflessness. Positive attitude. Don’t change your game now. The post-season is a tremendous opportunity to exemplify your inner-leader and perform in the clutch!
  • Enjoy the ride!
    • Performing under pressure, navigating through highs and lows, working together for a team goal; all invaluable life skills.
  • Win or Lose like a CHAMPION!
    • Regardless of the outcome, a true champion is ALWAYS measured by their character and integrity.

Seize the day, enjoy the moment everyone!

How To Make Your Athlete More COACHABLE!!!

February 6, 2017 3:13 pm Published by

Coachability – An athlete’s willingness and ability learn, and apply taught skills and concepts. Coachability is arguably the single most important intangible skill any athlete can possess. Kids who are students of the game, and sponges absorbing every constructive criticism will always find success. Remember, the foundation of coach ability is, and will always be a positive ATTITUDE!

Here’s a few simple ways to help cultivate this skill:

  • Preparation
    • Make sure your athlete is prepared for practice and games. They’re well rested, well fed, and ready to “start on time”. Nothing is more frustrating from a coach’s perspective when you work with athletes that you feel are wasting their (and your) time.
  • Productive “Hockey Talk”
    • This is not an interrogation! Simply ask: “What did coach say” or “does that make sense”, “What did you learn today at practice”.
  • Encourage Learning
    • Remind your athlete that each and every practice and game is a great opportunity to learn and grow. Hold them accountable.


Coachability expands well beyond the ice rink! This is a tremendous life skill that leads to a happy, productive, fulfilling life!