Surviving the Long Season

November 15, 2021 6:47 pm Published by

We all know that the season can be long and tiring and that it can be easy to lose focus at certain times. But, there are plenty of ways we can keep ourselves focused on our goals whenever we start to lose focus or get tired of the same drills or routines over and over again. Here are a few tips to keep us engaged with our goals throughout the season:

  • Bump Up the Competition
    • Games don’t have to be the only competition we have all year; take advantage of practice! Challenge your teammates to a friendly bet, and watch how much more fun you have during practice!
  • Mix up your routine
    • Instead of sitting in the same spot in the locker room, sit next to someone new. Try a different routine instead of doing the same warm-up routine you’ve done for every game. If you want to make practice more fun, ask a coach to go against you during a drill! Doing different things is always entertaining.
  • Create In-Season Check-In’s
    • Every so often, check in with yourself and your goals! If you feel you are moving towards your goals, try establishing an even loftier goal. If you feel you are getting bored of your goal, try to revise it into something that will keep you interested! Be sure to check in with yourself.

It’s normal to lose interest in a season every once in a while, and that’s okay! As long as we have a plan and make an effort to refocus our minds, then all will be fine.

Lock In a Healthy Attitude In Games

November 2, 2021 3:50 pm Published by

One of the most difficult aspects of sports is maintaining a positive, healthy attitude when times are tough. It is easy to let a negative thought snowball into a bad attitude and let it impact your game. Here are a few tips to keeping a healthy mindset:

  • Practice a Solution-Focused Mindset
    • Rather than focusing on what you did wrong, focus on what you could do, and will do right the next opportunity!
  • 30 Second Rule
    • Allow yourself to be angry/upset for no more than 30 seconds. Once 30 seconds is up, let the thought float away and move on. We love the phrase “short memory”.
  • Positive Self Talk
    • Talk to yourself in a positive tone. Whatever you would say to a teammate in your situation, say it to yourself!

Mistakes are a huge part of the game. Focus on your controllable SKILLS: Attitude, effort, mindset!