OHP at Home [Virtual Training]

Why We Created This

OHP at Home is a daily virtual 1-hr training session via Zoom. We’re working to prove to our athletes that despite the challenges of being forced to stay at home, you can still get in very functional training to keep your skills sharp. No matter what kind of setup you may have at home – in your living room, basement, or garage; all that matters is you make the commitment to push yourself through the program. OHP at Home will be streaming from Coach Russ’s home living room in an 8’ by 8’ foot area.

Sessions will host an array of professionals bringing in their expertise of hockey-based skill development, physical training, mental health, yoga, and peak sports performance information. Every day we’ll incorporate a hockey-based series of physical activities, hockey specific skill building, and some positive messages to keep everyone going during the off time!

Monday – Friday // 2:00-3:00p (EST)


NOTE: Schedule will be updated weekly.



How it Works

  2. $20/session – Unlimited Devices per household
  3. Classes are Monday-Friday 2:00-3:00p (EST)
  4. Each day by 12:00p (EST) you’ll receive an email with that day’s log-in and class information
  5. Be logged in and ready to go 5-10 mins early
  6. During the session we’ll be moving, sweating, & learning

What Do I Need?

  1. Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Device
  2. At Home Training Area
    • Coach Russ is using a 8′ x  8′ area in his living room
  3. Stick + Gloves
  4. Pucks + Ball

Meet Your Virtual Team

Jake Newton [ft. Mondays]

Mental Health Advocate

  • Former Professional Hockey Player
  • 10 yr career // AHL-Europe
  • Current Mental Health Advocate
  • As an athlete, “Games are won or lost in our minds”



Katie Brown [ft. Wednesdays]

Yoga Instructor

  • Current Instructor with Inner Bliss Studio
  • Yoga Instructor with current & former professional athletes
  • Key Roles with “Bliss at the Ballpark” & “Believe in CLE” events

Why yoga?  
Yoga is the exhale. Yoga allows the space we need to let go of what is weighing us down, what is no longer serving us, what clouds our path if we are willing to trust the exhale. Yoga shows us what balance looks like both on and off our mats.



Kevin Heine [ft. Fridays]

Senior Health Coach, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

  • Helps patients improve their lives through diet, exercise, stress management, and proper sleep
  • Former D1 Student-Athlete Ohio State Univ.
  • D1 – National Champion & All-American
  • Buckeye Power Club Award Winner- for leadership in Strength and Conditioning
  • Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative “Father of the Year” award winner

Functional Medicine | Cleveland Clinic