Spring [AAA-AA] Skills Program

This program is designed for our AA-AAA Level players as we’ll be working on advanced technique and have matching expectations. This program is the collaboration of OHP coaches, Jake Newton, Charlie Cook + Russ Sinkewich targeting the key early spring weeks to jump start the off-season development plan for our athletes.

Mondays athletes can expect an in-depth break down of individual skills and technique. Wednesday we’ll tie it all together with in game scenarios and sequences, small area games, and positional specific work.


Program Details

6-Week Program  [March 20 – May 3]

Monday + Wednesday // Rocky River



  14′, 13′, 12′, 11′ Group        |       11′, 10′, 09′, 08′  Group

6:40-7:40p Ice                 7:40-8:40p Ice

Areas of Emphasis

  • Individual Skill Development
  • Skill Application
  • Game Scenarios
  • Higher level practice habits